Choosing the right home care

Home care should enable you and your loved ones to feel safe and comfortable within – and away from – your home. That means choosing the right care provider and service is not an easy decision. You need someone who understands you and your needs, and someone you can rely on and trust, where and when you need them.

Here are some key steps to deciding the right home care for you.

Step one: Make a list of the tasks and activities you would like help with

Many key decisions start with a list and this is no exception! By setting out on paper what you want or need help with, it’ll become clear when and where you need someone and for, approximately, how long.

Examples of tasks might include:

  1. Daily tasks, such as your morning routine: getting up, washing, dressing, eating breakfast, preparing meals
  2. Regular tasks: for example cleaning your home, collecting medication, washing and ironing
  3. Support outside of the home: shopping or meeting friends

Step two: Decide how you will pay for care and support

You may be entitled to financial help towards the cost of your care. Contact the Adult Social Services department of your local council for more information.

Step three: Arrange your care and support

Contact your preferred home care agency with your requirements. They will talk you through the whole process and the options available to you based on your wants and needs, including the types of care staff they provide and the levels of support (from a 15 daily check to 24 hour live in care). They should also explain any special arrangements they can make, such as a dedicated key worker.