Who we are

Our idea is simple: we provide a home care service we’d be proud to recommend to our own family, available to those who need it most.

Our History

We’ve used our experience of over 20 years in social care and training, including direct line service management, to create a Home Care Service for older people and adults with assessed care needs. We have the background and knowledge to ensure you or your loved ones receive excellent, personally tailored care.

We have worked with GP surgeries, social workers, carers, support workers and clients in the provision of social care services, and trained carers and social workers in local authority and charity sectors.


Our Care and Support Workers

At Chinite Home Care we are committed to providing excellent care services to you and your loved ones. We only recruit professional Care and Support Workers who are qualified, skilled and reliable, and have the compassion to provide care services best suited to our clients’ needs.

We understand that the relationship with a Care or Support Worker can be a very close one, so it is important that you feel comfortable with them. To help build your trust and reassurance, we do our level best to ensure that the same Care or Support Worker is allocated to you regularly. Our employees will provide you with the respect, dignity and care that you deserve.

We maintain the legal standards set out by the Health and Social Care regulations that govern our work within England and Wales. For more information, please see the Care Quality Commission guidance.